Rules & Regulations

1. Admission is on a first-come-first-served basis. Candidates coming late may not get seats according to their preferences. After admission movement from one section to another will be allowed only if seats are available. Fees may apply.
2. We reserve the right to cancel any class. In this case, we offer the students either an alternative class time at the same level.
3. Students must dress in a modest way befitting the sanctity of the Institution.
4. Since it is a Cultural Centre, our students must behave as cultured citizens. Therefore, they must be polite, dignified and respectful in their interaction with the teachers and non-teaching staff, classmates and all other members of the Institution
5. Students must show respect towards the monks, faculty members, non-teaching staff, and fellow students and greet them in a proper manner. . Rude behaviour or misconduct will call for disciplinary actions.
6. Loitering or lounging in the corridors, throwing paper scraps here and there, spitting in dustbins, using toilets improperly, smoking, or chewing gums, paan, tobacco etc. within the premises are considered as notable offence.
7. Mobile phones must be switched off inside the premises of the Institute. Using of radios, music players, cameras, recorders etc. within the premises or disturbing the atmosphere of the Institution are strictly prohibited.
8. Like other institutions, we are also closed on some holidays. 
9. Candidates are awarded with certificates, with grades in accordance with their performance. Certificates must be collected on the notified day, failing which students have to pay a penalty charge to obtain them.
10. We reserve the right to expel any student who intentionally damages, destroys or steals any property of the Institute or belonging to other students, who is disruptive, disobedient or harasses any faculty, co-student, or staff member, or who disregards the basic rules and vitiates the atmosphere of the Institution.

We expect our students to take the above guidelines seriously, sincerely and in a positive spirit as it is an opportunity to develop their character and personality through self-discipline and self-effort.

1. Any change in address, telephone number etc. should be immediately informed for necessary change in the records.
2. Students must not enter any other classroom or office room without permission.
3. For any difficulties or queries, students are always welcome to come and contact the Principal in person.
4. The Institute takes additional care of the students by arranging  a variety of special lectures, classes, and conventions for development of their confidence and to build up good character. Attending these programmes is mandatory.
5. Students are advised to go through the notice board regularly to remain updated with regard to the latest information about their curriculum, examinations etc.