Value Education

Vivekananda Youth Forum

Value Oriented Course for development of Personality, Will Power, Self-Discipline and building Confidence.
A1. Concept of Human Values, Value Education towards Personal Development
Self-analysis and introspection, Respect to - age, experience, maturity, family members, neighbors, co-workers. Character formation towards positive Personality: Truthfulness, Constructively, Sacrifice, Sincerity, Self-Control, Altruism, Tolerance, Scientific Vision.

A2. Value Education towards National and Global Development
Social Values - Pity and probity, self-control, universal brotherhood. Professional Values - Knowledge thirst, sincerity, regularity, punctuality, professional challenges and compromise. Religious Values - Tolerance, wisdom, character. Aesthetic values - Love & appreciation of literature and fine arts and respect for the same.
National Integration and international understanding. Conflict of cross-cultural and cross-border influences.

B1. Modern Challenges
Adolescent Emotions and behaviour, arrogance, anger, selfishness, defiance. Comparison and competition, positive and negative thoughts.

B2. Beneficial Measures
Control of the mind through

[a]. Contemplation & Prayer: Objectives, types, effect on body, mind and soul

[b]. Regular Class: Values based on scriptures, Messages of

[c]. Activities: (I) Moralisation of Desires (ii) Neutralisation of Anger (iii) Eradication of Worries (iv) Benefits of Blessings

SUNDAY  09 am – 11 am